Bentzi Forges KEMACH Scholarship alumni

Bentzi Fergus is a nurse on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 in Ichilov’s Emergency Department, Israel’s largest Hospital. Bentzi Fergus is another KEMACH Scholarship recipient who is fighting Corona.

Remember Bentzi

Remember Benzi, the nurse from איכילוב – המרכז הרפואי ת״א Ichilov – Tel Aviv Medical Center, who received a Scholarship from KEMACH. Immediately after we posted our video of him, he was told he contracted CORONA. See what he does when goes into quarantine.Thank G-d, He is going back to work on Sunday after getting […]

Fighting Corona in All Areas

The fight against Covid19 is not won only in the hospitals and by home. Asaf Huri, KEMACH scholarship recipient and participant in our משפיעים – חרדים לשירות המדינה ולשלטון המקומי program which generates Haredi impact on the Civil Service in Israel, explains what The Ministry of Transportation משרד התחבורה is doing in the wake of […]

Helping Businesses at one of the Epicenters of COVID-19 In Israel.

Yisrael Heinman is a graduate of KEMACH’s משפיעים – חרדים לשירות המדינה ולשלטון המקומי Mashpiim – Haredim Impacting the Civil Service program. He works in Bnei Brak, one of the Corona hotspots in Israel. He tells us how he is helping businesses stay afloat in Bnei Brak even during these trying times.

Working Hard on Your Behalf

Yehuda is a recepient of a scholarship from KEMACH. Instead of cleaning his house and being with his family right now he is finishing off Medical School and working the Emergency wards of Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center – מרכז רפואי שערי צדק and הדסה הר הצופים. We are proud that Yehuda is on the job […]

A Special Pesach Message to our Alumni

And then this happened……it’s not everyday that our alumni and CEO Mordechai Felldstein are lauded byNaftali Bennett He gives our alumni an encouraging message right before Pesach. Thank you Naftali.