Haredi entrepreneurs from over 100 companies work in the BIZMAX Hub, located in Jerusalem’s new Gateway District. They participate in training courses and receive business coaching. This thriving business ecosystem provides entrepreneurs with role models and practical support.

While yeshiva graduates develop impressive intellectual skills, the reality is that they all-too-often lack technological know-how, English language and public speaking skills, and negotiating skills. BIZMAX runs workshops with top specialists in their fields to help our Haredi entrepreneurs fill in the gaps in their skill-sets and further develop their businesses. Some examples are:

BIZLABS Accelerator Program

Nurtures and supports hi- tech startup companies, connecting them with experienced entrepreneurs and technical consultants.

BizUp Community Incubator

Provides practical workshops
and networking opportunities for Haredi freelance creatives working in advertising, design and social media.

Annual Expert Day

Provides a free day of workshops on how to build a business and how to raise money from investors and governmental entities.

E-Commerce Workshops

Teaching entrepreneurs how to set up online stores on Amazon, ebay etc.


The BIZMAX program is focused on serving Jerusalem’s growing Haredi communities.
KEMACH and its partners cover only 85% of BIZMAX’s expenses. KEMACH needs to raise
$100,000 to support Haredi entrepreneurs and freelancers during 2020.


  • BIZLABS Startup Accelerator $ 33,000
  • BIZUP Community Incubator $ 27,500
  • BIZMAX Annual Expert Day $ 27,500
  • BIZMAX E-Commerce Workshop $ 22,000

The KEMACH Foundation’s BIZMAX program provides shared work space and an incubator for Haredi entrepreneurs, helping freelancers and business owners to grow and develop professionally in a supportive Haredi work environment.

BIZMAX was established in 2017 as a joint venture between the KEMACH Foundation, the Achim Foundation and the Jerusalem Development Authority. In this supportive environment, Haredi entrepreneurs and freelancers can participate in workshops and networking events, receive mentoring advice, and feel part of a professional business community.


Lives in Beitar. 41 years old, married with 2 children. Efraim was previously a software development manager in major companies and government offices. While involved in the management team of a national project to shorten waiting times in emergency rooms, he realized that the solution required Artificial Intelligence. He invented Quze to offer this solution to healthcare providers worldwide, and his team of seven is currently raising Round A funding for pilot projects. “Entrepreneurship was always in my soul, but I would not have reached where we are now without the help and guidance of BIZMAX. Their mentors and workshops have helped me to clarify my goals and how to reach them”.




The KEMACH Foundation recognizes the importance of including more Haredim in Israel’s dynamic hi-tech sector, for the benefit of our communities – and the entire Israeli economy. Because of the discouraging rate of failure of hi- tech startups, BIZMAX is investing in their know- how and professionalism, to help them avoid the pitfalls and challenges that confront all new businesses.

BIZLABS is an accelerator program designed to nurture and support a select group of hi-tech startup companies. BIZMAX connects them with experienced entrepreneurs and technical consultants, to help them bring their projects to market, and guide them through the challenges that confront new companies.

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