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in brief: Hodaya Edri 26 years old, single, grew up in Migdal Haemek in a family of 9.

Third-year social work student at the University of Haifa.
26 years old, single, grew up in Migdal Haemek in a family of 9. Hodaya is the third in her family. Her parents, hard-working people raised her with great love and dedication. Her father works as a butcher in a meat factory, and her mother is a housewife.

Hodaya studied at Rabbi Grossman’s institutions in Migdal Haemek and, despite many difficulties, managed to complete a full matriculation certificate. Hodaya was looking for a degree in the social and interpersonal field and so she chose the field of social work. Hodaya strives to develop professionally in this field, she believes in social involvement and personal and social investment. She strives to combine more treatment methods and be the most professional.

“The UJIA scholarship gives me peace of mind and the ability to study comfortably, I live on loans and hardly work. Unfortunately, my parents cannot help, they do not have enough for themselves. Without the UJIA scholarship I would not be able to study today.”

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