From Crisis to Opportunity

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leading economic figures took part in the Bizmax Center’s annual conference for Haredi business owners

In recent years, business owners have been operating in an atmosphere of great uncertainty – due to corona, inflation, war or another crisis.

Among the other assistance we offer business owners, the large, high-level conference provided information and tools to overcome the frequent crises and  move forward with their businesses.

Over 150 Haredi businessmen recently participated in a conference – “From Crisis to Opportunity” – in Jerusalem held by the Bizmax Center. The conference was designed to help businesses that have been grappling with continuous global and local crises over the past few years, creating ongoing uncertainty in the business world.

The event was attended by leading economic figures, who shared their professional experience with the audience and their ways of dealing with crises. Jerusalem businessman Rami Levy shared his personal story and explained how he reached his current position. Among other things, he noted that “a good CEO brings managers who are better than he is to manage his business.”

Eran Yaacov, the former director of the Tax Authority, told the business owners: “You are people for whom education is an integral part of your lives. Along with studying the Daf Yomi, it’s always necessary to learn from real life and discover new opportunities.”

Other senior officials who participated in the event were the Deputy CEO of Bank Hapoalim, Ram Gav; the CEO of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, Assaf Yazdi; the VP of Regulation and External Relations at New Med Energy, commentator Nadav Perry; and members of the Bizmax management: Moti Feldstein, CEO of the KEMACH Foundation; Moti Eichler, Chairman of Global Brothers; Gideon Cooperman, CEO of Bereshit; and Avreymi Yustman, Esq.,vice president of KEMACH.

The conference takes place annually as part of Bizmax’s routine activity, to promote Haredi businesses by providing a comfortable and spacious work/business complex, professional workshops, courses in various fields, business programs and the support of senior advisors and mentors.

Following speeches by the senior economic officials, professional workshops were held in the areas of sales, setting business goals and creating a budget. The workshops were given by consultants from MATI Jerusalem, which helped fund the conference, during which the MATI vice president Akiva Ganz presented a new track for Haredi business owners who are interested in receiving business consultation.

The Bizmax Innovation Center was established and operates in cooperation with the KEMACH Foundation, Global Brothers and the Jerusalem Development Authority along with the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage.

“In recent years, business owners have been operating in an atmosphere of great uncertainty; sometimes it’s corona, sometimes inflation, sometimes it’s war and sometimes it’s another crisis,” Bizmax CEO Eliyahu Dinowitz. “Among the tools that we give Haredi business owners throughout the year, we sponsor the conference “From Crisis to Opportunity,” to strengthen the Haredi business ecosystem in Jerusalem and to provide business owners with the best information and tools that will help them overcome the frequent crises and move  forward with their businesses.”

The conference was held with the support of Bank Hapoalim, which assists Bizmax activities throughout the year at the initiative of Yisrael Dekalboim, manager of the Haredi section of the bank.

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