KEMACH celebrates with the President of Israel

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Bizlabs Technology Scalerator , a project of KEMACH’s work hub, Bizmax, celebrated their graduation with President Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin.

The end of our BizLabs Technology Scalerator program was celebrated at President Ruvi Rivlin’s official residence. President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin has been working since the beginning of his term to help Haredim integrate into the labor market and achieve success both in the public and in the private sectors.

The event was attended by senior managers from the Israeli technology industry including the CEO of the Authority for Invocation Aharon Aharon, officials from the Authority for the Development of Jerusalem, Achim Global Foundation, representatives from the high tech companies which supported the program and provided mentors, and of course – the startup founders themselves.

The event started with an address by the Director of the President’s Office, Harel Tobi, who said the Scalerator’s entrepreneurs are a model for collaborative work between Israelis from different sectors as well as an example of successful integration into the industry despite cultural challenges and prejudices.

BizMax at the Presidents HouseMordechai Feldstein, CEO of Kemach, expressed a wish that the Scalerator graduates would enjoy much success without having to compromise their values and lifestyle.

Achim Global CEO, Rabbi Mordechai Eichler, also emphasized that the greatest success of those entrepreneurs is their fidelity to their religious heritage and lifestyle while also achieving rare technological professionalism.

The entrepreneurs all presented their startups, which suggest solutions for a variety of fields, including cyber, agriculture, medicine, IE, and others.

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