KEMACH Haredi Start-Ups Featured in London

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The BizLabs Startup Showcase in London in September generated fantastic publicity for the businesses participating in Kemach’s Bizmax – ביזמקס  Haredi hi-tech start-up project.

Rabbi Nechemia Steinberger from the Kemach Foundation in Jerusalem, explains that the organisation’s overriding priority is to help Haredi entrepreneurs to remain true to Torah values while developing their business ideas. “Everything we do at Kemach is designed to maintain the integrity of the Haredi community that we serve. Our goal is to enable individuals to develop their potential with complete respect for their minhagim and lifestyle. Where Haredi entrepreneurs may face certain disadvantages when preparing to bring their innovative ideas to market, BizLabs gives them mentors to help them overcome those challenges and develop their presentations.”

One editorial in a non-religious UK newspaper said: “Efforts to support the few Orthodox high-tech entrepreneurs who don’t just dream about inventing something but design it, raise money for it and make it happen, all the while juggling religious and family commitments, are so vitally important, not just for Israel, but for Orthodox communities around the world. They are, in a very real sense, tech champions.” This article in Ami Magazine gave BizLabs another glowing review.

But Kemach is not resting on its laurels: a second cohort of BizLabs technology startups joined the program in September. We wish them hatzlacha rabba!

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