kemach took part in the Advisory Committee of the President’s Medal for Volunteering

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Along with senior and influential figures such as former IDF Commander-in-Chief Gadi Eisenkot, Dr. Sigal Shelach, CEO of JDC Israel and others, the CEO of The Kemach Foundation Mordechai Felldstein took part in the Advisory Committee of the President’s Medal for Volunteering led by the outgoing President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin – ראובן רובי ריבלין.The 47th Presidential Award Ceremony took place last week. the award was presented to individuals and organizations who helped the state of Israel deal with the corona plague. Recipients of the award came from all sectors of Israeli society – secular, ultra-Orthodox, Jews, Arab and Druze, Organizations that have excelled in the spirit of giving and in the desire to give of themselves for the benefit of the state and the community.In a conversation with Mr. Rivlin, Moti Feldstein noted the great importance in Judaism of “Chesed” and the great diversity of the volunteer organizations in the fields of emergency, rescue and medicine, charity that exist in the ultra-Orthodox public and help the general public. Feldstein added that even in days of a Political crisis and polarization, it is important to remember the tremendous contribution of the ultra-Orthodox sector to the Israeli society and that the political debate must not be turned into a discourse of hatred and incitement.

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