The US Embassy has chosen the Kemach Communities’ Project

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The Kemach Foundation ‘Mobile Training Centers’ project, which aims to train employment coordinators in Ultra-Orthodox communities in peripheral cities, was selected as one of the social projects to be funded by the United States Embassy in Israel. The goal of this project is to initiate professional and vocational training activities within the community incubator.

At an event held last night in Nazareth with the participation of the US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Thomas R. Nides, the embassy announced the sponsorship of KEMACH Foundation’s Mobile Training Centers project, through the US Government’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), to promote partnership in the Middle East.

Representatives of the Kemach Foundation, Director of the Community Program, Israel Yom Tov, and Foundation Director General Moti Feldstein presented the program, its goals, and the unique actions that take place in collaboration with the Rabbis and Hassidic leaders of these communities.

Following the election of the kemach Foundation, the US Ambassador, Mr. Nides, expressed his admiration for the project and said that the United States sees great importance in integrating diverse populations into the Israeli labor market.

The ambassador visited Bnei Brak last week, met with rabbis and community leaders, and learned the importance of facilitating employment for the ultra-Orthodox public.

“We are pleased to work with organizations such as the Kemach Foundation, which has proven its continued dedication and commitment to the social and geographical periphery of Israel.

“The United States sees tremendous importance in advancing the economic conditions of the ultra-Orthodox communities by integrating them in the employment circle, which will contribute to both the Israeli economy and the financial stability of the ultra-Orthodox families,” said the ambassador.

Kemach Foundation Director General Moti Feldstein thanked the Ambassador and the Embassy staff for the honorable choice and stated that “the project is intended to provide an employment solution for the ultra-Orthodox concentrations in the periphery as well as Hassidic circles that choose to leverage employment independently within their communities.”
This project and its sponsorship Indicate the United States’ understanding of the appropriate and efficient means to contribute to the Israeli economy and the warm relationship between the United States government and ultra-Orthodox Jewry.

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  1. מזל טוב מוטי. אני מאד שמח על ההצלחה הגדולה

    אני מאד גאה בך ובקרן קמח.

    רק בשורות טובות

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