the esteemed Rav Yaakov Shalom Fischer z”l 🕯️

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אוי מי יתן לנו תמורתו!
It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of a member of the KEMACH board, a man of chesed, the patron of many Torah institutions and a pillar of support for thousands of needy Haredi families, the esteemed Rav Yaakov Shalom Fischer z”l, who passed away in the prime of life.

The KEMACH enterprise was dear to Rav Shulem’s heart, and he played a key role in realizing the organization’s goals and furthering the integration of Haredim into the job market, enabling them to earn a living with dignity.
His enormous chesed activity will redound to his merit and that of his dear family, until the coming of Mashiach.

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