When did you last take 5 minutes for yourself?

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Dozens of Haredi students availed themselves of the opportunity to attend a meeting sponsored by sponsored by the KEMACH Foundation’s Avnei Derech program.

It was heartwarming to see the connections made among students from different places and backgrounds for whom the challenges of life and higher education and the common goal of preparing for Yom Kippur constituted the common denominator.

The meeting combined a developing sense of community and life stories together with songs that pierced the heavens, led by the one and only Itzi Ackerman, along with a lecture by Rabbi Zeevi Katzenelenbogen on soul-searching without guilt, according to the teachings of the Mesilat Yesharim.  

Rafi Feldstein, deputy director-general of the KEMACH Foundation and director of the Avnei Derech program, briefly reviewed the purpose of the meeting and of the Avnei Derech program in general – to stop the rat race and, together, to do something for ourselves, to re-chart our course and to plan renewed spiritual growth in the world of work and personal development.

You are invited to stay updated on registration for the third cycle of the program (soon) as well as our other events here and on the KEMACH Foundation’s website. 

Photo: Yitzchak Hertz

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