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On the second night of Hanukkah, British Ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, hosted at his home dozens of students participating in the MEGO program, which trains young Haredi men for work in high-tech.  Also present were Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy, Alice Truman, the program’s staff and the management of the KEMACH Foundation, representatives of the government and philanthropic foundations, public figures and other distinguished guests.

MEGO is an innovative high-tech training program for ultra-Orthodox men.  It was developed in conjunction with representatives of the high-tech industry in order to focus on the practical content that is needed for work in the high-tech companies. As part of the training, participants study basic subjects needed for work in high-tech, along with basic programming and advanced programming. They receive a diploma from the Government Institute for Technological Training, and acquire the training and skills for intensive high-tech work.

The Deputy Ambassador greeted those present and thanked the management of the KEMACH Foundation and British Jewish philanthropist Leo Noe, who provides support for the foundation’s activities and for the integration of Haredim in the job market, particularly in high-tech.  She also encouraged the MEGO program participants to excel in their studies and said that the embassy would continue to assist and to enhance the efforts to integrate the ultra-Orthodox into high-tech companies and into the job market in general.

Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Weiss, a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, was honored with the lighting of the second candle. Before lighting, Rabbi Weiss emphasized that the essence of Hanukkah is the dissemination of light all over the world.  He said that the activity of the KEMACH Foundation to integrate Haredim into the job market brings the light of livelihood to many families and is a direct extension of the dissemination of the light of Hanukkah. Moti Feldstein, CEO of the KEMACH Foundation, thanked the embassy for the gracious hospitality it extends every year, and for its support, over the years, of the KEMACH Foundation’s intensive activity to promote employment and entrepreneurship in the ultra-Orthodox sector.

Itzik Crombie thanked the embassy staff for their warm hospitality. “This is the fifth year that we are holding the KEMACH Foundation’s Hanukkah candle lighting at the home of the British ambassador,” he said. “Like the message of the menorah – adding an additional candle and more light every night, the menorah lighting at the home of the ambassador, which has become a tradition, highlights the KEMACH Foundation’s wonderful projects designed to integrate Haredim into all sectors of the economy.

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