Joining hands to advance the employment of Haredim and to enhance the status and salaries of Haredi women

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We had the honor today of hosting Minister of Labor, Yoav Ben Tzur, and the director-general of his office, Yisrael Uzan, at the Kivun Center for a professional tour of our activities to promote Haredi employment.

Yechiel Amoyal, CEO of the Kivun Center, presented Kivun’s programs in the high-tech field and other professions as well as activities to advance Haredi women in industry.

The minister expressed his commitment to improving the status and salaries of Haredi women in the high-tech professions, noting that he would also provide resources to help alleviate the plight of Haredi women.

“Minister Ben Tzur has been closely familiar with the field of employment in general and the employment of Haredim in particular for many years,” said Moti Feldstein, CEO of the KEMACH Foundation. “We thank him, the CEO of his office and the staff at the Ministry of Labor in the field of Haredi employment for their trust in us and for choosing the KEMACH Foundation to operate the employment guidance centers for Haredim in the north and in the communities around Jerusalem.  We are confident that by working together we will be able to increase the  participation of Haredim in the employment market and to also reach significant achievements with regard to the salary and status of working Haredi women.”

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