The KEMACH Foundation won Ministry of Labor tender to operate employment centers for Haredi community in the north and the areas surrounding Jerusalem

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The KEMACH Foundation and BDO Ziv Haft are pleased to announce that they have won the Ministry of Labor tender to provide employment guidance services to the Haredi public.

Our extensive accumulated experience and knowledge will, please G-d, be put to the service of the Haredi population in the north and the communities surrounding Jerusalem.

The KEMACH (Haredi Professional Advancement) Foundation thanks the Population Employment Administration and the Ministry of Labor’s Tenders Committee for the great trust they placed in us by choosing the KEMACH-BDO partnership to run the program to advance and integrate the Haredi population in the employment market (key centers) in the north and in the communities around Jerusalem.

Accordingly, the KEMACH-BDO partnership will operate the employment guidance centers for Haredim in Safed, Haifa, Netanya, Beit Shemesh, Beitar Illit and Modi’in Illit, utilizing the extensive experience and knowledge garnered by the two bodies over the years in integrating Haredim in the work world.

The largest organization of its kind in Israel, the KEMACH Foundation, which started in 2008, seeks to integrate Haredim into the economy through a variety of programs and projects. For the past decade, it has operated the very successful “Kivun Center,” an employment guidance center in Jerusalem, alongside many other projects designed to promote the integration of  the Haredi community into all branches of the economy.

BDO is one of the largest and most important consulting and accounting firms in Israel and part of an international network. Through the Public Administration Division, which is part of its  consulting arm, it leads many public programs, based on a vision of introducing business professionalism into the public service; emphasis is placed on the fields of employment, entrepreneurship and the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses in Israel.

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