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Good news for business owners in Jerusalem: The Minister of Jerusalem and Israel Tradition to increase support for the development of Haredi businesses in the city

We hosted the Minister of Jerusalem and Israel Tradition, Rabbi Meir Porush, for a study tour of the Bizmax complex, the Haredi innovation center. Minister Porush wanted to see from close up the activities of Haredi business owners as well as the entire Haredi business community in Jerusalem.
Bizmax CEO, Eliyahu Dinowitz, explained to the minister the courses, workshops and all of Bizmax’s extensive activities designed to grow the Haredi business ecosystem in Jerusalem, and the assistance Bizmax provides to Haredi business owners in the capital who wish to employ Haredi workers.
Participating in the tour were also Assaf Yazdi, Director General of the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage; Shimi Albom, the minister’s head of staff; Eyal Haimovsky, Director General of the Jerusalem Development Authority; Rabbi Yossi Deitch, Chairman of the KEMACH Foundation; Motti Feldstein, CEO of the KEMACH Foundation; Avraham Yustman, Esq., Deputy CEO of KEMACH; Rabbi Gideon Cooperman, CEO of Bereshit and a member of the management of Global Brothers, our partner in operating the Bizmax complex; and other senior officials at the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage.
“In general, and in these complex times in particular, Haredi business owners in Jerusalem have a significant contribution to make to the city’s economy. It is known that the work done by Bizmax contributes to the development of Haredi businesses and consequently, to the city’s economy. The office I head, which is entrusted with the economic development of Jerusalem, does this, among other ways, by properly investing in the growth of Haredi businesses in the city,” said Minister Porush during the visit.

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